NQC 2016

The ERWINS were honored with an invitation to sing on Saturday, October 1, 2015 in Pigeon Forge at the LeConte Center.  For 20 minutes, they presented songs from their new CD, "Only Faith Can See" and also then for their finale, they sang their stand out song "I Choose To Be A Christian" from their "Ready To Sail" CD.   The audience was brought to their feet as youth from all over the LeConte Center made their way to the stage to proclaim with The ERWINS, "I Choose To Be A Christian".  It was quite a moment and one of the highlights of the night.  MC for the night, Gerald Wolfe stated "Not all our youth are in the world.  Let's support these that are taking a stand for Christ!"  This was a night that The ERWINS will never forget.  NQC 2016 was a huge success!!




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