“I am excited to recommend such a young group, as The Erwins, that not only have great talent and potential, but also have a wonderful testimony for the Lord.  They are a tremendous blessing to churches across America, as they serve week to week.  With young people like this, who are committed to singing solid Gospel music, the future looks bright from my direction!”

Dr. Joe Arthur
(Harvest Baptist Tabernacle, Jonesboro, GA)

"The Erwins are such a fresh new face for the Southern Gospel Music Industry.  I love their enthusiasm, desire for worship, and ultimately their love for the Lord. Whether it is a major concert setting like Singing In The Sun, The Gatlinburg Gathering, or even a church service, The Erwins bring an element to the event that is enjoyed by all ages!" 

Ray Flynn

(Founder and President of Abraham Productions)


"The Erwins are some of my favorite people! They are, as they say in Texas, "Just great folks." Oh, and one more thing: THEY CAN SING! They are always wowing your mind with amazing vocals, and wooing your soul with anointed, heartfelt singing. The Erwins may be young, but they are committed to communicating the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I highly recommend that you add their projects to your playlist."

Ernie Haase

(Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Co-Founder of Stowtown Records)


“It is common that I hear from the fans about new and upcoming artists, however it is rare that I hear the same name over and over and over. At some point, I had to take notice of this amazingly talented family. It only took a short time to fall in love with them and I am so excited to see what doors open up to their music!”

Landon Beene
(President of IMC and StowTown Records)


“It has been my pleasure to be a vocal coach for the gospel music industry for over 38 years.  Many talented singers have come my way.  However, The Erwins are a group of singers that I am so glad that I met.  They are members of the Steve Hurst School family.  They are hard workers with a powerful message.  The harmony and interpretation takes you into a place where you can worship the Lord in a very special way.  Keep your eyes on The Erwins.  They are a great addition to the gospel music industry.”

Steve Hurst
(Steve Hurst School of Music)

“As one who has sung Gospel Music since 1938, produced major Gospel concerts for over two decades and hosted the highest rated Gospel Music program in any top five market, I’ve heard a lot of singers, young and old.  Few have caused the excitement The Erwins are generating Nation-wide, with their special vocal blends, song selection and outstanding production quality.  It thrills me to see this group from ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’ ready to take Gospel music into a glorious future for Our Lord. ”

Harold Marshall
(Concert Promoter)

“This young group has it all... They look good, sound great, choose songs that will bless you, and have a sweet ‘touch of God’ on their ministry.  If you have never heard The Erwins, you are missing out!”

Susan Whisnant
(The Whisnants, UIA)

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